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Dog Friendly Motorhome Hire

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Not everybody wants to rent a motorhome that has been used by pet owners and for this reason, many of the motorhomes here are ‘pet free’. This includes me as even the sight of a cat at a distance makes me sneeze and my eyes water! However many people looking for a motorhome hire are pet lovers who do not want to be restricted by air travel regulations, so there are also plenty of ‘pet friendly’ vehicles available to rent too. Do call us today to talk about motorhome hire that is dog friendly.

In this video Vanessa talks to Angela, who actually owns her own motorhome, about motorhome holidays with pets.

Dog Friendly Motorhome HireVanessa: Welcome along to Motorhomes Direct TV and I’m joined by Angela and Missy, and we’re going to talk about taking your pets away on holiday because that’s one of the main benefits of owning a Motorhome isn’t it?

Angela: It’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant. She runs around, she sits in the cab in the front, and when we’re driving off it’s a good view out onto the road, quite high up and it’s quite nice, and we put a towel down and a cushion and she sleeps there. So she’s out and about or if we’re just outside we just go for some nice long walks and keep her tethered when we’re out and the sun’s shining.

Vanessa: Was that one of the main reasons you got a motorhome to take Missy with you?

Angela: We used to have caravans and we bought a motorhome and we wouldn’t go back to a caravanning again now after this.
Vanessa: Why do you think that is?

Angela: It’s just so much easier. It’s so much easier setting up, you’ve got water on board, you’ve got a waste tank on board, and you can just stop anywhere really. You can stop and have a cup of tea or coffee, and it’s just so easy. It’s really nice.

Vanessa: I guess you can take her anywhere to a beach, to a wood, so you get such a choice of places.

Angela: Yeah definitely. She’s really good, but she’s a good dog anyway, but I’m biased.

Vanessa: Yeah she’s lovely. What sort of tips would say to anybody thinking of taking their dog away with them?

Angela: Obviously you’ve got to pack for the dog as well as yourself with food and towels and brushes and things you would normally do, but they’re part of the family so it’s just something that you’d do extra anyway. She’s really good.

Vanessa: And you genuinely think she really enjoys it?

Angela: I think she enjoys it. She’s out and about and we just stayed somewhere before we came down today over the weekend and she’s been out chasing hares in the field.

Vanessa: And do you go specifically to dog friendly sites? Do you check in advance?

Angela: Yes definitely. There are several sites that do that and they specify, and you pick up after your dog and stuff.

Vanessa: Fantastic. Well Missy what do you think of it all? Thank you so much for talking to us Angela. It’s been lovely to see Missy enjoying herself around the motorhome and she obviously does love it doesn’t she? It brings her into the fun of the holiday as well and she can join in with everything.

Angela: Thank you.

About the author: Rick Lomas has been writing for motorhomesdirect.co.uk since March 2004. Rick likes writing, playing bass guitar, travelling, cycling and being happy.

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