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Glastonbury Festival Motorhome and Campervan Hire

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So how do you get the most out of Glastonbury Festival?

Firstly, you must register, either by the web site or by post during February, otherwise you cannot buy tickets for Glastonbury when they go on sale in April.

Even if you’re not sure whether you’ll be going, the time to register is before the 14th February, register on the official web site for free!

Next, on April 6th, the offical Glastonbury Festival tickets go on sale, via the web site and also over phone. The tickets can only be purchased by previously registered enquiries.

Last year my experience was that the ticket web site was constantly crashing and the phone lines were permanently busy.

After about four hours I managed to get through by phone, although by then, I found that all the camp site tickets had sold out and all that was left was a TeePee for only £1,850.

As I had well over 150 campervans at Glastonbury last year, I had to book it, no matter what the cost, to ensure we had on site support.

So in summary, you’ll need to be quick to get tickets, as they sell out really fast – within a few hours.

Actually, I had a really good time in the TeePee and I would certainly recommend one, if you can afford it.

And Glastonbury is worth all the money and effort – why do you think so many people go back year after year?  Because of all the mud? The fantastic toilets?

No, the reason why everyone goes back to Glastonbury is because it’s the best music festival they have ever been to….

But if you don’t get tickets, don’t give up , because Glastonbury have a second sale a couple of weeks later and then a final sale at the end of April  – so you have up to three chances to buy those elusive tickets.

Now most people, after securing tickets, then decide to hire a motorhome. This is a rookie mistake and here’s why:

By the time tickets go on sale, you’ll find there aren’t many motorhomes left to hire – unless you want to drive to Scotland to pick one up.

Why? Because there’s about 1000 camper vans maximum available for hire nationwide.

And a lot of camper van hire companies simply will not hire out for Glastonbury, period.

With over 150,000 + people going to Glastonbury 2008 that’s a big shortfall, don’t you agree?

If, at this point you’re considering a tent, you probably weren’t there last year (you might have noticed that it rained quite a bit and it was a little muddy in places).

Believe me when I say that unless you’re under 20 years old, a tent would be a very brave option indeed.

So instead of a tent, the sensible idea would be to hire a motorhome and split the cost between friends.

Every year, we offer a unique deal to our customers, a kind of “win win” offer.

It’s why Glastonbury revellers keep coming back to motorhome, year after year. Reserve a motorhome for Glastonbury for only £250 deposit.

If you don’t obtain tickets or the event is cancelled, we’ll happily refund your deposit in full at any time up to a month after tickets go on sale.

The balance is due one month prior to the event and you can collect your motorhome anytime during the week (Usually either the Wednesday or the Thursday).

This is important, as the opening day of Glastonbury is Friday, so you need to be on site either Wednesday or Thursday night to get a good pitch.

You might want to check with other camper van hire companies that you can collect a camper van on days other than either Friday or Saturday, as not many do.

And I don’t know any other camper van hire company who will refund your deposit if you don’t obtain tickets.

This year, we’ve over 300 campervans available for Glastonbury!

Think about it, if you pay the deposit on your credit card, it will only cost you a couple of months interest to hold a luxury motorhome for Glastonbury 2008.

How can we offer you this deal? Simple – there’s so much demand for a motorhome after the tickets go on sale, that we can easily rent your motorhome to someone else.

But I must also warn you that hire prices go through the roof after the tickets go on sale.

If you act now, before the tickets are on sale, you’ll find our rates very reasonable. And there’s £50 per person discount off our Glastonbury 2008 hires for bookings made before the 14th February 2008.

Remember, the best, most convenient campervans are always the first ones to be snapped up. And this offer is completely risk free.

For an all inclusive quotation please use the following link:

click here to reserve (risk free) a motorhome or campervan for Glastonbury 2008

Or call our reservations team on 0800 612 8719 at any time.

Michael Evis, the organiser of Glastonbury famously once said “Everyone has their own Glastonbury” – what will yours be?



About the author: Rick Lomas has been writing for motorhomesdirect.co.uk since March 2004. Rick likes writing, playing bass guitar, travelling, cycling and being happy.

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  • rebecca

    Do you deliver the campervans to Glastonbury? If so how much are they and do you have any still available?

  • Sheena

    Delivery can be arranged and prices vary according to the size of the motor home. Although vehicles are being reserved very fast now, we do still have availability in all sizes from 2 to 8 berths. Please call to check current availability and get a quote.

  • Karen Wilkin

    Please quote for campervan hire for Glastonbury 2010. I know that I’m a little early! We’ve just returned from our third Glasto; the first two times were in a floating tent and this time we stayed in a travelodge and traveled in each day. We walked into the site via the campervan field and thought that this would be a great way to visit the festival next year. We are a family of two adults and three children. We live in Cambridgeshire so could pick one up near home or drive to Somerset and collect there. The hire would be from the Wednesday until Monday. Many thanks. Karen

    • Rick Lomas

      Karen, that was a great comment here – I hope you don’t mind me making it public!. I’ve passed your message onto Sheena who will get back to you today. Booking motorhome hire early for Glastonbury is never a bad idea as demand meets supply many many times over. Motorholme are also an ace company for this, because if for any reason you don’t get a ticket, you get your deposit back automatically.
      I have enjoyed many a Glastonbury over the years in a tent, some rainy, some not. But now I am in my 40s and have 2 kids myself, motorhome hire for Glastonbury is the only way forward. BTW did you see Pendulum? I had never heard them before – but I thought they were excellent:)

  • Sheena

    Hi Karen, It’s never too early to book for Glastonbury!We had so many calls from people this year who’d left it too late to find a local one and drove miles in the wrong direction to ensure they had a comfortable nights sleep and their own loo & shower. If you reserve early you can choose you pick up location and at the moment you could either pick-up from various locations in East Anglia or closer to Glastonbury.To reserve a motorhome, you pay £250 on booking and the balance in May. If you want to spread the cost further, we are happy to take payments through the year. The hire charge for a 5 berth will be £1300 or for a bit more space you could have a 6 berth for £1500 for up to a week. A lot of people this year took them on the Tuesday and returned them Monday or Tuesday the following week allowing them to be at the festival in good time and not need to rush off at the end.Let me know if I can help.

  • Alex Lyons


    Another Glastonbury question!!!
    My partner and myself would love a 2 berth motorhome for the 2010 fest and I was just looking for prices(incl deposits etc)
    (Im only contactable via email at present)

    Many thanks

  • Rick Lomas

    Alex, I’ve passed your enquiry onto Sheena. You can call free anytime on 0800 612 8719

  • Dani

    Yet another Glastonbury question!!!
    My partner and myself would love a 2 berth motorhome for the 2010 fest and I was just looking for prices(incl deposits etc)
    Also please advise if you can deliver the motorhome to the Glastonbury site and then collect once the fest is over ?
    If so please could you advise the price for this service.
    Many thanks

  • Sheena

    Hi Dani,
    Judging by the enquiries we’re getting already, next year looks to be bigger than ever. More than half my bookings this week have been for Glastonbury 2010 and we’ve already sold out of 2 berths in central London. We have still got a few 2 berths available to pick up en route so you’ll need to be quick.
    We can arrange delivery and collection but this is strictly limited as we usually supply about 250 vehicles and haven’t got that many drivers! Email me on sheena@motorholme.co.uk or leave a message on my direct line 01223 911238 and I’ll be pleased to help you.

  • Rick Lomas

    Thanks Sheena for replying so quick. Please also see my new post here: http://www.motorhomesdirect.co.uk/2009/09/10/glastonbury-motorhome-hire/

  • antonia

    I would like to have 2 berth campervan for glastonbury Wedensday till Monday.I could pick up in Liverpol area or around Glastonbury,would there be somewere suitable to leave my car if i did pick up in Glastobury?I am 24 so would you be able to insure me?My DOB is 06/08/1985 so 4 weeks later will be 25.I have 3 points on my licence.
    When is full payment needed is it a month before?Thanks so much Antonia