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Motorhome OwnersWhy haven't motorhome owners been told these facts?

Did you know that...

  • the average motorhome sits on the owners' driveway for over 80% of the year?

  • during the first three years of ownership, finance and depreciation costs can amount to over £29,000?

  • motorhome owners can earn on average, £600 each time their vehicle goes out on hire?

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Enjoy A Motorhome - For Free?

You'll be surprised how much money your motorhome could earn - with just a little knowledge. Earn £250, £500, £750 even over £1,000 a week for nothing more than a little cleaning work.

The free Guide is packed full of ideas to help anyone make enough money to easily afford a brand new one!

You'll find tips on what's the ideal size and layout of motorhome for hire use, when to buy one, what to avoid and even how to go about reclaiming your entire costs against your income tax...

And there's advice about using the Internet to find millions of eager customers and even how to grow your hobby into part time business from home - without any premises or overheads.

Most importantly, you'll discover where you can find fully comprehensive self drive hire insurance cover for your own hires.

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