What is Your Ideal Motorhome Layout?

Dethleffs A58We will be doing a guide to motorhome layouts later this month, to help you find the ideal layout for your situation. I started thinking about this last night as my 2 year old daughter slept in a bed, rather than a cot for the first time last night, this was at home rather than in a motorhome – but it did get me thinking about the next motorhome layout that is going to suit us.

Up until now, for our baby, we have taken a travel cot with us and put it up in the middle of the motorhome, with my elder daughter, now 7, in any single bed that was available and my wife and I, usually in a double bed either at the rear of the motorhome or over the cab. Now I am looking at models like the Dethleffs A58 shown here, it is technically a 6 berth motorhome, but what I like is the fact that there are full size twin single bunks at the rear of the motorhome and a massive double bed over the cab with plenty of headroom. If you did need the extra 2 berths there is a possibility of turning the dining table into an extra double bed too.

As you can see from the photo here of the bunks in the Dethleffs A58, they are not easy to roll out of, so I’d be more than happy putting my elder daughter in the top bunk and the young one in the lower bunk. With the double bed over the cab and the permanent bunks at the rear, it has the advantage of us being able to put the kids to bed and still use the dining table and kitchen facilities once they are asleep.

We will talk more about different motorhome layouts during the month, but if the layout of the the Dethleffs 03 appeals to you, then you might like to know that some other popular motorhomes that have single bunks at the rear are the Chausson 03, Hymer B524, Mooveo C6, Hymer Camp 684 and many others. We have all these models available for hire so give us a call so we can find the perfect layout for you.

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