Motorhomes for Sale in Germany

If you own a motorhome, why not put it to work?If you are thinking of buying a motorhome then some consider it to be a good move to buy one in Germany. Motorhomes for sale in Germany tend to be cheaper than the UK and are usually excellent quality German or other European brands.

Please do be aware that if you are considering renting out your motorhome, then we do advise that right hand drive models are definately easier to rent out and the vehicle must be registered in the UK to be eligible for Motorhomes Direct’s Self Hire Scheme.

If you’d like to find out more about renting out your motorhome please give us a call on 0800 612 8719. If you are settled on the idea of buying a motorhome in Germany, read on…

This article was originally on the most excellent motorhome list web site please see this site for the best information available in the UK. The article was written by Stan Wood.

“A lot of people want to buy abroad, but are nervous of doing so. Having done so myself, successfully, saving at least £5000 in the process, as long as the price difference between the UK and Continental countries remain, I would NOT dream of buying a motorhome in the UK.

The first thing you have to accept is, it is not as convenient as popping down to your local dealer!!! So you say: “Yes but if anything goes wrong I can take it back to the local dealer”, well, if you have saved £5000 THE ENGINE can fall out and you are still quids in.

I suppose we have to address the LHD question, I don’t know what your circumstances are, myself I wanted a LHD, in a few weeks I retire and intend to travel mostly on the continent. I am much happier driving abroad in a vehicle designed for such conditions. Its easier to drive a LHD in England where I KNOW the road system than a RHD on the continent.
Where should I buy on the continent?

Germany has three good points:

  • First, their MOT is called TUV a very stringent test.
  • Second, after searching the net for 12 months, I found Germany offered the lowest prices.
  • Thirdly (and to me, very important), I was concerned that the vendor had legal title to the vehicle, e.g., no outstanding finance on the vehicle, that he was the actual owner etc, etc. In Germany there are two documents that come with the vehicle called the FAHRZEUGBRIEF (this is the document they carry on the vehicle in case they have to show police in case of accident or speeding). The other is called the FAHRZEUGSCHEIN. (THIS DOCUMENT IS KEPT IN A BANK) it is the same as the deeds to your house, whoever has possession is THE LEGAL OWNER. In Germany they have no idea what an HP check is.

So, if you are still interested, a few tips, search and search the internet, the German motorhome magazines all carry great lists of m/homes for sale, if you see an advert for your ideal m/home, if the vendor is NOT on the internet FORGET IT, you will want pictures of the m/home, you will want a copy of the BRIEF and the SCHEIN, you will want answers to questions hence the internet, build a rapport with the vendor praise the German, or whichever build quality, assure them you are not a timewaster, don’t be afraid to haggle, send him a picture of you and the misses, he then has a picture of who he is dealing with.

A few facts, Germans do not like cheques, arrange through your bank to have money transferred. If motorhome is 6 months old or has 6000 miles on clock, no VAT to pay.

Drive straight off the ferry to home, spend £25 getting it registered in UK, Then have it MOTd and headlamps and rear fog light converted etc, etc. ALL this was done buying PRIVATELY, not from a dealer, from a dealer it would be a doddle.

Resale value:

My motorhome is a Dethleff, a big German manufacturer. It is a 1995 M reg (had it 12 months now), it had 31000 kilometres (19000 miles) on the clock, the TUVs verified this, power steering, air assisted suspension, roof rack, double cycle carrier, Fiamma awning, 10 track CD player with top of the range Motorola radio, tape player. Fully winterised, imobilser. NO OVEN or GRILL, the continental manufacturers just don’t fit them, (I met a chap in France who had bought one of the big Hymers, from the manufacturer in Germany, no GRILL no OVEN). Get a £34 skillet from the shows, we use ours in the house too, save ££££s on electricity.

  • WHAT DID I PAY?…..£11900
  • Expenses: 2 one way flight tickets to Hamburg, 2 nights B&B £48, diesel home, ferry from Calais.

If you don’t want a LHD then forget it, they are all LHD. Anyway if you do buy LHD and one day want to change it, for a different model, what’s to stop you going to the continent and part exchanging it.
What do you do about insurance for bringing the vehicle back to the UK?

You cannot drive back home on the original license plates. Buying private or from a dealer you will be issued with export license plates. Having this number, they will stamp you out a new license plate cost £5, all this is done at their vehicle registration dept, Comfort Insurance, who I asked how to get over this problem, said they would insure the vehicle on the CHASSIS number, and on return to the UK, after registration, inform them and they would issue new insurance documents on the new registration plate. I then asked what would happen if I didn’t buy the vehicle? They said, no problem, let them know and all I would incur would be a small administration charge.

What is the procedure for registering the vehicle when you get it back?

The UK Vehicle Licensing people will issue you with a pack that contains all you require to register the vehicle in the UK. Fill out the form together with your export documents, and MOT certificate. Cost £25, plus your cheque for 6 or 12 months vehicle excise duty.
The German Motorhome Glossary:

If the vendor doesn’t speak English you can bet he knows a man that does. Its not really a big problem, when I was in Germany the amount of Germans I met who spoke English really does put us to shame.

Some useful terms when looking at the ads (thanks to John Harris for these):

1 hand = 1 owner
Anhängekupplung, = Towing hitch
Auspuff = Exhaust ( honest )
Automatik getriebe = Automatic gearbox
Dachgepäckträger = Roof rack
Dachreling = Roof rails
Duomatic = Automatic gas bottle changeover
Erneuert = Renewed
Fahrertür = Driver’s door
Fahrradhalter = Bike rack
Fahrradträger = Bike rack
Gründig Farb TV = Grundig Colour TV
Heckleiter = Rear ladder
Heckstützen = Rear wind-down corner steadies
Hubbett vorn, = Front bed
Klimaanlage = Aircon
KombiKassettenRollos = combined blinds and flyscreens on windows
Kuhlschrank 135 lt. m AES = Fridge 135 litres with automatic energy select
L- Sitzgruppe und Sofa, = ‘L’ shaped seating area with sofa
Luftfeder- Niveaulift,= Adjustable air suspension
Markise = Windout awning
Neupreis = New price
Neuwertige Bereifung = New tyres
Nichtraucher = Non-smokers
Pilotensessel = Pilot seats
Radblenden = Wheel Trims
Sat- Antenne = Satellite Dish
Scheckheft = Fully documented and serviced
Seitensitzgruppe = side seating ( normally lengthways seats )
Serviceklappe = Access door
Servolenkung = Power steering
Sicherheitsschlösser = Security locks
Sonnenmarkise = Sun Awning
Stauraum Außenklappe = External access door to luggage locker
Stereoanlage mit CD = Stereo system with CD
Thermomatten für Fahrerhaus = Insulated cab screens
Umluftanlage = Blown air
Vollautomatische Sat Anlage Typ Oyster = Oyster fully Automatic Satellite System
Vorzelt = Awning
ZusatzSpeigel = Additional mirrors

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  • Alan Harris

    Hi there, we are touring europe with a caravan at the moment and have decided to convert to a motorhome, your information has been a great help, Much appreceated, can you tell me if there is a part of germany which is better for buying vans.

    all the very best


    • Rick Lomas

      Hi Alan thank you for your comments. As with buying anything it’s nice to have a reasonable selection and this is going to happen nearer the larger cities such as Munchen, Frankfurt and Hannover. Having said that, you are probably meeting more people on your travels than most people could ever wish for, so talk to them…sometimes you will find a retired couple who are having their last holiday in a cherished, well maintained motorhome.
      Good luck and don’t forget that if you can stand the idea of letting someone else use your motorhome, a buy to let motorhome may well be the answer. If it is, please call Steve Moss on 0800 612 8719.

  • Dave Harris (south east ireland)

    My wife and I who live in a little fishing village in the south east of Ireland are thinking of purchasing a motor home with a view to travelling Europe.If any body is deciding to retire from travelling and has a much loved camper in good nick we would be very interested in giving it a good home. SEnd us pics and price.Incidentally we live in a village called Dunmore East which is very beautiful it is in County Waterford and we would love to facilitate campers.We dont have any formal camping facilities as yet but were working on it.But we do have loads of free parking in the harbour area.

  • James R Thomas

    Hi what a good site , but i was wondering could you possible let me have some addresses of motor home dealers in Germany or possible in Holland,i live in Spain cannot find any on the net.
    Many thanks JR

    • Rick Lomas

      Hi James – are you looking for used motorhomes? I don’t really have much information about foreign dealers, but I can look into it for you.

  • anthony

    Q what if we bought a van in germany and just carried on to spain or wherever and did not intend to come back to england i am thinking of ins docs we would come back for short trips but by plane any sugestions

    • Rick

      Technically I believe you are supposed to re-register it in Spain. I don’t know much about Spain, but if it were France you would certainly have to do that. I suspect you would have difficulty finding a Spanish insurance company who would insure a German vehicle.
      However this is not really the site to get legal advice, try some Ex Pat forums, there must be a lot of people in your situation.