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This is a mobile home and NOT a motorhome!

It suddenly occurred to me when I was talking to my mum that things aren’t always as straightforward as they might seem. My mum asked me, “How’s your mobile home hire business going?” – I suddenly realised that what I call a motorhome, she calls a mobile home, so what is the difference?

A mobile home can be in fact a true home, but rather than anything permanent – it can be assembled and then moved to it’s location and if necessary moved again later, but that is as mobile as it gets!

The definition of a mobile home gives a maximum size of 20m x 6.7m (66ft x 22ft) external and 3.48m internal ceiling height. There is no external roof height, this was a factor that was overlooked in the original Caravan Act of 1968.  The unit can be constructed on site, but must have the ability to be moved in two halves. By this statement mobile home is actually bigger than my permanent home, although not as tall.  In actual fact mobile homes are not particularly mobile, they may have a couple of little wheels, but hey need to be moved by crane and transported on the back of a lorry. A mobile home has more in common with a caravan than a motorhome. On this site we do not do mobile home hire, it’s all about motorhome hire in the UK.

A motorhome definition is something like… “A self-propelled, completely self-contained vehicle that contains all the conveniences of a home, including cooking, sleeping, and permanent sanitary facilities and in which the driver’s area is accessible in a walking position from the living quarters.”. Motorhomes are what this site is about.

So it looks like I am definitely not in the business of mobile home hire, but motorhome hire – if this is what you were looking for, call 0800 612 8719 and ask about motorhome hire!

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