Ferries from Dover to Dunkirk

Dover, also known as the ‘gateway to Europe’, is the closest point, from England, to France at a distance of 21 miles. This stretches across one of the biggest shipping lanes in the world. With boats travelling through Scandinavia and Northern Europe to the rest of the world, through this 21 mile wide boating highway. Here’s a short piece on Dunkirk ferries.

From Dover there are two routes to France; one to Calais and one to Dunkirk (or Dunkerque, as the French write it). The latter boasting France’s third largest port, and a burgeoning hub of tourism. It’s town centre has become renowned for its museums and restaurants, and attracts many every day, from England to the ‘Church of the Dunes’.

The ferry service is operated exclusively by DFDS Seaways who operate Scandanavian and Irish services as well as ferries from Dover to Dunkirk. The service covers a distance of just under 47 miles and leaves from Dover every two hours, with the journey itself lasting around two hours. It can run slightly longer depending on weather conditions and the roughness of the sea.

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